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Benton’s related to Mary had a little Lamb

Remember the famous nursery rhyme “Mary had a Little Lamb”… I’m sure we all have the first couple lines memorizedThanks to Uncle Paul we have discovered the we are related to the actual Mary who had a little lamb that followed her to school one day.Read more about Mary Elizabeth Sawyer as Mary with the […]

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The Benton’s are related to Joseph Smith

I wanted to post the email from Uncle Paul stating that the Benton family line connects us to Joseph Smith.

Thanks Aunt Debbie for the research and Uncle Paul for sharing!
Hello everyone, Debby suggested I send you a note to let you know that Joseph Smith is our cousin. We are all related to him through his maternal MACK line. Here is the scoop for those that would like the info: John and Sarah are our common ancestors. Our line descends through their daughter Elizabeth and his line descends through their son Ebeneezer. For those that need further it can be supplied. Elizabeth Mack was marreied to Edward Sawyer. They were the great grand parents of Silence Sawyer who was married to Nathaniel Niles. Most of you probably have our lines back to that point already. Just thought we’d share our newest discovery with everyone as we thought it was kind of cool and it might make some of those church lessons have a more personal meaning for you. Love to all, Paul :)

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Bentons connected to the Mayflower and the Pilgrims

Have you ever wanted to find a tie back to a famous relative? I always thought it would be cool to say I’m a descendant of someone famous.

Now here’s a little link to some Benton family fame. This information comes from Joan Benton Barber… (her father is Rueben Clark Benton, the brother of Robert Hugh Benton. Robert Hugh Benton is the father of Gordon Benton, my grandfather). Joan has provided me with the genealogy of the Benton family back to some of the passengers on the Mayflower and the first settlers in Plymouth. Some of these ancestors were also present at that famous 1621 Thanksgiving that we celebrate each year!

I have also heard that Paul Benton may also have this information connecting the Benton’s back to the Mayflower. It would be nice for us to get that information together and verified with what you have.

So here is the genealogy according to Joan.


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Splitting and Merging Paf Files

The other day I was working with my mom, Cheri Benton and she needed her line of geneology in a PAF file. Well all I had was my complete file starting with me and including all my geneology and Carrie’s geneology as well. How do I get my mom’s information out and not include all the rest of the geneology found in the file?

This article is a tutorial on how to split a PAF file working in PAF 5.2. Heather requested this as well so here it is!


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Transcript to Nadine Virginia Harms Audio

Here is the transcript of the audio recording of Nadine Virgina Harms that was recorded sometime in the early 1980’s. Special thanks to Paul Benton (Uncle Paul) for the transcript. I’ve included it as actual text in this post as well as a text file for download. Here is audio recording link if you haven’t listened to it yet.

Nadine Virginia Harms
Recorded by Nadine Virgina Harms in the early 1980’s
Transcript by Paul Benton November 2007

Hi kids, this is grandma. Your mother invited me to your family home evening and asked me to tell you a little bit about my parents. My mother was Bertha Rubel. She was born in Stockton, San Joaquin County, California.


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