Mya’s upcoming Baptism

Hey Everybody!

Mya is looking forward to her Baptism with great anticipation. We are all excited for her special day. What a wonderful, important decision she is making. Mike and I are very proud of her.
In preparation for this day, we had some pictures taken of beautiful Mya. We are at the Salt […]

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My Beautiful Girls

I was sitting in sacrament meeting today and was really missing Carrie.

It wasn’t because I had my hands full with 4 hungry girls trying to escape to home and I was feeling a little outnumbered ;-)) … but simply church without her is never the same.  How wonderful the gospel is to focus and build […]

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December 2008 Newsletter

Family and Friends,

This year has been a wonderful year. We have truly enjoyed life with our family and friends. I’ll give you a quick recap of the year, our kids and what the Lyman family has accomplished this year. Pictures are included at the end of the newsletter.

Last year we moved to Woods Cross, Utah and have settled nicely into the new schools, ward and neighborhood. I (mike) started a job with Two Little Hands Productions (Home of Signing Time) and am really enjoying working with them as their technology and marketing director. Carrie is a stay at home mom but has picked up numerous side projects along the way this year. […]

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2008 Lyman Summer Review

Here’s some great photos from this summer. We’ve had a lot of fun with a couple family reunions, camping and visits from family and friends.

This summer is a litter shorter then normal as our kids are in year round school. Mya, Olivia and maybe Maddie will start school tomorrow so I guess summer is officially over…

Enjoy the pictures. We’ve sure had a great summer and hope all you did as well!

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Christmas at the Jones – Version 2007

For Christmas this year Carrie and I packed up the kids and headed to Chico, CA. We are spending the Christmas to New Year’s Holiday with the Wests, Boulants, Ross, and Jones families in Chico. It was a surprising short drive for us (10 hours) compared to the almost 12 hours from Logan that we have usually done over the last 5 years.


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