Kauai Con’t

Ok so it’s almost been two weeks since we got home and we still haven’t put up the rest of what we did during our week in Kauai… Thus, here it is in a shortened and very sweet post! I don’t know if it is typically after your vacations but time seems to get gobbled up playing catchup after a vacation. Work, rather then stopping while one is away, simply piles into chaos until one work to smooth things over. I’d really like to be back in Hawaii… Have tempted to relocate. Especially considering that yesterday we went from 81 to 30 in under 12 hours. From beautiful sunshine to fog, rain, and… snow! Well read on to hear about the last 4 days of  our Kauai vacation […]

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Kauai, Kauai, Kauai (Day 1)

Can I say anymore? There is a saying in kauai, “If you had a great time in Kauai, tell your friends you went to Maui”. Kauai is such a gorgeous place with so many great beaches and awesome hidden away utopias. However, Kauai is not as touristy as Oahu or Maui. We had such a great time. We experienced a lot, yet it was so leisurely. There were breathtaking views at every turn and the ocean was a clear blue and turquoise. Most of the vegetation there was introduced to the island, but most of it was for medicinal or food purposes. All of it is beautiful. The Hawaiian islands are so rich with history; we loved learning more about it and becoming connected with the people there. One other thing that was a bit odd at first and then just became normal was that there were chickens and roosters everywhere. The hurricane in 1992 released them and they just keep reproducing. There is no predator for them and frankly, I thought it was kind of cool. Although, we still didn’t want any roosters right by us.


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