Snow, Colds, and Ward Choirs

So the last couple of weeks have been going well for our family. Carrie has been up and down with a cold… Call it the flu, bird flu, or in my opinion the need to get a new set of tonsils 😉 The winter cold is never any fun that is for sure. At the bottom of the post I’ve given some great pictures to show you what the weather is like!
Kennedy has picked up a little of what Carrie has had and it seems like she has a constant runny nose that has no end to the amount of gunk… ok sorry about the visual, I’ll stop there. I’m sure you get the point.

However, on the positive side of that Kennedy is so cute because she will walk up to Carrie or I and say “nose” which means that she wants a klennex to wipe her nose. Even in the middle of the night when she wakes up crying I’ll go into her room and she’ll say in the nicest little sleepy voice, “nose”. She does a half-way decent job of wiping her nose (at least for a 21 month old) but not to be fooled because if you leave a Kleenex box within her reach she will very efficiently use every single Kleenex in box.


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Lyman Photo Shoots November 2007

I posted some of the best pictures from our photo shoot last week and I promised that I would post the rest of the photo shoot so here there are. The first group of photos is from a photo shoot in November. The second photo shoot was done in mid-October.


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Lyman Family Pictures Oct – Nov 2006

Hi everyone,

These are the last photos from the Lyman family. Enjoy.
October & November 2006

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August 2006 photo Album

July and August have been fun months. We have enjoyed the summer and so have our kids. Please enjoy the pictures and let us know if you have any more that you want to post to lymanuniverse. Love ya all.

aug2006 1Aug 24, 2006 – 70 Photos

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The Latest with Maddie

We took Madie to see her Geneticist at Primary Children’s Medical Center. His name is Alan Rope and he is awesome. He is very knowledgable and he takes so much time to get to know Madalynn and thoroghly answer any questions we have. Madie has a duplication of Chromosome 3q. […]

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