Happy Leap Day & Winter Airplanes

Since this day only comes around once every 4 years I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post something and catch everyone up on the latest happenings in our little universe. It’s been a little while since the last post and plenty to share. A few funny moments (with kids funny moments are plentiful), updates on Maddie, and a quick peak at one of my hobbies!

In the last post Carrie mentioned the Fedex doorbell ditcher… A few weeks later, this was a about a week or so ago, Mya saw the UPS truck stop in front of the house and the UPS guy start for the door. Well she wasn’t going to have him get the best of her this time. So she wait by the door and then just before the UPS guy got to the door […]

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Madalynn – Genetics 101

We had three appointments last Thursday, December 20th at Primary Children’s Hospital. We met with Dr. Alan Rope, Maddie’s geneticist, Dr. Parks, her ENT, a speech pathologist, and her Opthamologist. Being as confused as we are about all the different things that the doctors are telling us I thought it would be great to include a little Genetics 101 with this update.


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Variable hearing… What a concept!

So last Friday we had an appointment with Maddie’s Audiologist here in Bountiful. We had been to see him twice and performed two audiograms. We also saw another audiologist in Salt Lake City for a second opinion. As many of you know the results from those 3 different audiograms showed that Madalynn had a significant hearing improvement from what she had only a few months previously. However, things are always changing…


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The Latest with Maddie

We took Madie to see her Geneticist at Primary Children’s Medical Center. His name is Alan Rope and he is awesome. He is very knowledgable and he takes so much time to get to know Madalynn and thoroghly answer any questions we have. Madie has a duplication of Chromosome 3q. […]

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