Juan Pablo says hi

Below is a video from the Alejandra Trujillo and her four year old son Juan Pablo. Alejandra and the Trujillo family is a family that I taught the gospel to while serving a mission in the Colombia Bogota South Mission in 1998. Alejandra and her mother Ayda were both baptized while I served in the Marsella Ward in Bogota. I also threw in a  picture of the Colombia Bogota Temple that was dedicated while I was serving in Colombia!

Juan Pablo is an amazing little boy. He is very fluent in English and he seems to be a great kid (I’ve never personally met hmi other then over the phone, online chat, and through video). It is wonderful to still be in contact with families from my mission.


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Cubs vs. Braves – My first MLB game since 1994

I’ve spent the last few days in Chicago for the Internet Retailer Conference 2008. I had the opportunity to go to a Chicago Cubs game on Tuesday night (because one of the companies I do business with invited me for free…) Not being a huge baseball fan I probably wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t free. I remember the last MLB game I went to (also for free) was back in 1994 when the San Francisco giants played the Cincinnati Reds and lost 4 – 17. It was very hot and very boring. Ever since that time I’ve never wanted to go to a MLB game again.

However, this experience was much, much better. Maybe it was the fact that it was Wrigley field, the Cubs or the fact that we had a rooftop party seating with all the free food and drinks I could muster. The game was great, exciting and somewhat close, the food was fabulous, and the people were fun to hang out with.


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Kauai Con’t

Ok so it’s almost been two weeks since we got home and we still haven’t put up the rest of what we did during our week in Kauai… Thus, here it is in a shortened and very sweet post! I don’t know if it is typically after your vacations but time seems to get gobbled up playing catchup after a vacation. Work, rather then stopping while one is away, simply piles into chaos until one work to smooth things over. I’d really like to be back in Hawaii… Have tempted to relocate. Especially considering that yesterday we went from 81 to 30 in under 12 hours. From beautiful sunshine to fog, rain, and… snow! Well read on to hear about the last 4 days of  our Kauai vacation […]

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