Learning to be Thankful – A Mya Lesson

Mya was in charge of family night the Monday before thanksgiving. She planned the whole lesson herself, shot the video and presented a heart touching lesson on learning what gratitude and being thankful are all about.

The best part… she included her american girl dolls. Enjoy the video!

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Summer Review 2010

Below are some pictures and video of our Lagoon day August 11, 2010. Kids love Lagoon and I’m coming around from my anti-amusement park stance…

Ashley Sorensen and Bill and Annette came with us! They were lifesavers helping with the kids and I’m always surprise at what a trooper Carrie is… 8 months pregnant and 12 hours at Lagoon… you go girl!

Also there are video and pictures from Zion’s Park trip and a video of a little birthday song at Panguitch, UT for Mya

Enjoy the video and pictures!


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Harry Potter – With a Lyman Twist

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Mya’s upcoming Baptism

Hey Everybody!

Mya is looking forward to her Baptism with great anticipation. We are all excited for her special day. What a wonderful, important decision she is making. Mike and I are very proud of her.
In preparation for this day, we had some pictures taken of beautiful Mya. We are at the Salt […]

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Happy birthday mya

August 7 2001 – Mya was born in Manteca CA. It’s amazing how time flies and she is turning 7 already. Mya has been a wonderful daughter and great sister. She is so witty and smart and I believe the world’s best negotiator! I remember spending the night in the hospital with Carrie while she was in labor with Mya. We were so excited for Mya to come. We originally decided to name her Mariah (we even told a few people that was her name) but after holding her and being with her Mya seemed to fit much better. I remember how we would warm her bath towels in the oven so after her little bath in the kitchen sink she would have a warm towel to be swaddled in.


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