Trent’s officially an RN

Thought I’d help spread the word that Trent (that’s my brother) passed his Utah RN exam and received his RN license yesterday! We’re all proud of him and think it’s simply awesome! He is fielding a few different job opportunities (he’s in high demand ;-)) both locally in Orem/Provo area as well as mid/southern Utah.

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Back to Cedar (as posted by Trent Lyman)

Well I just want to keep everyone updated on what is happening with me in Iraq without giving up top secrect information to the insurgents. I left Ramadi and the team I was working with about 2 weeks ago and came back to Cedar where I was at before. It is nice to be back […]

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Going Back to Cedar (as posted by Trent Lyman)

With my current MiTT team leaving soon and the replacement team already having a medic I will more than likely be going back to my unit down south were it is much safer. Although I have enjoyed being close to the combat zone (silly boys) I think that I would much rather prefer being safe […]

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