The Benton’s are related to Joseph Smith

Benton's related to Jospeh SmithI wanted to post the email from Uncle Paul stating that the Benton family line connects us to Joseph Smith.

Thanks Aunt Debbie for the research and Uncle Paul for sharing!

Hello everyone, Debby suggested I send you a note to let you know that Joseph Smith is our cousin. We are all related to him through his maternal MACK line. Here is the scoop for those that would like the info: John and Sarah are our common ancestors. Our line descends through their daughter Elizabeth and his line descends through their son Ebeneezer. For those that need further it can be supplied. Elizabeth Mack was marreied to Edward Sawyer. They were the great grand parents of Silence Sawyer who was married to Nathaniel Niles. Most of you probably have our lines back to that point already. Just thought we’d share our newest discovery with everyone as we thought it was kind of cool and it might make some of those church lessons have a more personal meaning for you. Love to all, Paul 🙂

Children of JOHN MACK and SARAH BAGLEY are:

  • JOHN II MACK, b. April 29, 1682, Concord, Middlesex, MA.; d. May 29, 1734, Lyme, New London, CT.
  • SARAH MACK, b. July 22, 1684, Concord, Middlesex, MA.; d. January 18, 1775, East Haddam, CT.
  • ELIZABETH MACK, b. October 28, 1686, Concord, Middlesex, MA.; d. March 15, 1750, Hebron, CT.
  • LYDIA MACK, b. May 28, 1689, Concord, Middlesex, MA.; d. February 1716, Lyme, New London, CT.
  • JOSIAH MACK, b. December 16, 1691, Concord, Middlesex, MA.; d. November 21, 1769, Hebron, CT..
  • ORLANDER MACK, b. December 16, 1693, Concord, Middlesex, MA.; d. January 28, 1768, Hebron, CT.
  • JOHNATHON MACK, b. February 29, 1696, Concord, Middlesex, MA.; d. December 19, 1768, CT..
  • EBENEEZER MACK, b. December 08, 1697, Lyme, New London, CT.; d. Lyme, New London, CT..
  • MARAH MACK, b. November 10, 1699, Lyme, New London, CT.; d. CT.
  • REBECCA MACK, b. October 04, 1701, Lyme, New London, CT.
  • JOHANNA MACK, b. September 17, 1703, Lyme, New London, CT.
  • DEBORAH MACK, b. October 11, 1706, Lyme, New London, CT.; d. February 04, 1776, Hadlyme, New London, CT.

Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon church was descended from the Macks as follows:

  1. John Mack & Sarah Bagley
  2. Ebenezer Mack & Hannah Huntley (this was the son of John and Sarah, not John and Love)
  3. Solomon Mack & Lydia Gates
  4. Lucy Mack & Joseph Smith Sr.
  5. Joseph Smith Jr. founder of the Mormon church.

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