Conference Activities for Kids

Children's April 2010 Conference Activity Packet

So anyone that has kids knows that keeping them engaged and interested for 2 days and 8 hours can be a little bit of a challenge. They have a hard enough time doing an hour sacrament meeting… or maybe it’s just our family 😉

I opened up my MormonTimes today in the Deserest News and they had an entire 2 pages of activities for kids to do during conference. It included word finds, bingo, coloring page and images of the first presidency and 12 apostles. If you get the Deseret news go check it out!

Better yet I went to their website and downloaded the children’s April 2010 activity packet. 22 pages of activities ready for you to print on your computer. Covers kids of all ages and includes even more stuff then what you can find in the newspaper.

Download Children’s April 2010 Conference Activity Packet

Enjoy conference everyone!

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