The Latest with Maddie

We took Madie to see her Geneticist at Primary Children’s Medical Center. His name is Alan Rope and he is awesome. He is very knowledgable and he takes so much time to get to know Madalynn and thoroghly answer any questions we have. Madie has a duplication of Chromosome 3q. More testing is needed to specifically see where her chromosomal imbalance lies. A specific disease may be identified or it may turn out that she has a rare form of a genetic disorder that has not been studied much due to its rarity or it not being documented. Mike and I may need to have our chromosomes tested as well to determine how much genetics plays a role in Madie’s unique and cute personality. When we have more results we will hopefully be able to determine what her future might bring.
Dr. Rope also found a heart murmer in Madie. Sixty percent of even “normal” children have heart murmers and don’t need any reparations. However, fifty percent of kids with a genetic disorder have some kind of heart defect. It has not been detected before in Madalynn, but I brought it up to Dr. Rope and he heard it. She is scheduled for an Ecocardiogram on August 10th at PCMC. We plan to be there all day. We would appreciate all prayers and fasting on that day…(Madie will actually have to be fasting too).
Madie also had a check-up with her Opthalmologist, Dr. Scott Larsen, last week and he is impressed with how good her eyes look. Her crossed eye is straightening out well. She does pretty well at keeping her glasses on.
Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions or anything you want to share. Madalynn is doing very well and is learning so much. We are very proud of her and happy for her.
We love you all and thank you for your continual love and support. Take care. -Mike and Carrie

North Logan 3rd Ward Youth Conference

Summer is a busy time for everyone. I know that I’m feeling the stress and pull from lots of different places. However, at the end of last week I was able to attend our ward youth conference. From Thursday through Saturday I went with our Young men and Young women up to Paris Springs ID for a youth conference. We had such a wonderful time and the highlight of the event was listening to the youth’s testimony during a campfire testimony meeting on Friday night. It was refreshing to hear what they had to say and see the strength that they exhibit! Carrie and the girls were able to visit Janel and Carter as well as hang out with Grandma Cheri and Karina! I don’t know how she does it… Keeping up with four little ones all the time. She is great for sure.

Hello All (as posted by Stephanie)

I just wanted to post a quick hello to all. I think of you often, especially Trent. I’m so proud of you all! I love being able to read about your families. I am doing well here in L.A. I work for Kaiser Permanente. As I told Michael, my title is so long that it doesn’t fit on my badge-too bad they don’t pay by the letter…(OTC Marketing Coordinator, VSA)

Anyway, I work in Pharmacy still, but I travel to all of the Pharmacies in my Service Area (about 60 mile radius with me in the middle). I help 20 locations meet their OTC goals. I never thought I would love a JOB so much!

Marian will go into 5th grade next year. She has been identified as Highly Gifted, and placed into a classroom where she can be taught at her level (she has been terribly bored in the regular class). In this setting, they can also help her to interact better with her age group. She is extremely outgoing, and would make a great Stand Up Comedian. She must have gotten this from her dad…:)

Scott is working on his thesis-for those who don’t know, we originally moved to LA so that Scott could attend Cal Stat Northridge and study for his Masters in Geography. He hopes to have it finished for Fall Graduation. At this time, he is also studying to become a certified personal trainer; he will be taking his NASM certification exam within a few weeks.
We all look forward to a summer filled with the beach and lots of Frisbee!
Lots of Love,

Going Back to Cedar (as posted by Trent Lyman)

With my current MiTT team leaving soon and the replacement team already having a medic I will more than likely be going back to my unit down south were it is much safer. Although I have enjoyed being close to the combat zone (silly boys) I think that I would much rather prefer being safe until I can come home for good. I’ve been lucky and haven’t seen any combat or any US guys hurt. A couple of IA (Iraqi Army) soldiers were wounded and one killed. I have found that I really do like medicine which only reaffirms my desire to go to PA school. I’ve considered med school but I just don’t have the patience to go through that much school. I’ll keep you all updated on any new occurances. Much love