Bear lake

The Lyman Family,

The Lyman family went to bear lake to go spend time in a cabin with our friends the garners.In there family is Ryan (the dad) sharh (the mom)Mackenzie (oldest)Shelbi ( middle)Ty (youngest). we played board games, did art and made poster. And we were there on April, April fools. we put strings to trip people fake spider webs and every thing.And after the parents saw the traps he made they laughed and said we had to clean it up it took about 30 min.We were there only one week on the last day we watched a movie it was wired it was talking about chickens(fat chicken) to fly but they couldn’t. The house had three floors, upstairs there were two rooms, two big beds,and one with a TV.   there were also a shelf of movies and a TV room. down stairs there was the kitchen, the big family room,  the fire place,  a a device that rubbed your back, and one that rubbed your legs.My mom really liked that.and down stairs were another three rooms, a ping pong table,another fire place,a cupboard with board games a bath room. Me, Mackenzie, Shelbi, and Mya. Me and Mya shared a room, Shelbi had another and Mackenzie had the last one.We stole candy a couple of night but Mackenzie was the only one who was a wake the whole night we couldn’t help but go to sleep so she had to wake us up and sometimes we were up, and fall back to sleep.And we had a huge back yard there were three floors of the back yard the whole house could be there, and there was a bridge over a water fall we sometimes chose houses and it was fun.But one of the floors were full of dog poo.(gross)(yuck)and we once went by the lake it was huge. I had a fun time and i think everyone else did too. by: Livy Lyman

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