Lyman Family – November 16, 2014

Sunday – November 16, 2014

We had the last soccer games of the season. Mya, Olivia and Kennedy all played soccer this fall season in the Gold Country Youth Soccer League. Mya played goalie fulltime, Olivia played goalie and mid-field, Kennedy played mid-field. They all did great.

Mya’s team lost 1-0 on a penalty shot due to a handball (which I think was a bogus call because the girl was covering her chest with her arms and the ball hit her). Mya almost had the save but the ball was shot high and hard and was just out of reach. We’re proud of Mya and her commitment and dedication to her team. Her coach pulled her aside after the game and complemented her on a great season and for always being there and doing a great job this year. He told her being goalie is tough, especially the older you get and that Mya played the position great!

Olivia’s team won 6-1 and they finished the season on a high note. After the game they had a team party and everyone got trophies and pizza! Livy was selected to the all-star team as goalie. She plays next Saturday. Yeah Livy, we’re proud of you!

Kennedy’s team tied 4-4. They were ahead 4-1 with only about 15 minutes left to play. I think they got a little too relaxed and the other team was able to come back and tie the game. Those can be tough to not get the win. Kennedy played great and has really progressed in soccer this year.

Grandma Cheri had Knee surgery on Tuesday Nov. 11. It was orthoscopic day surgery and Karina and Tim and their family came out to help Mom during surgery, etc. The surgery went well and Cheri is doing great. She’s up and walking although still some pain and such. Doctor says about 6 weeks to recovery. We’re rooting for Grandma to get 100% better and get going with all the great plans she has for being here in California!

This week was the final week before the state licensing survey for our new Ridgeline Pediatric Center in Yuba City CA. Carrie and I along with our staff worked diligently all week and we had the survey on Friday. Things went good and we’ll find out the final details of the survey on Tuesday. Hopefully we’ll be able to open the doors in a week or two and start helping the families in Yuba City. Our facility in Grass Valley is doing great and our director of nursing Danette Davis is doing a great job managing things while we focus on Yuba City.

Carrie is working as the first counselor with the Young Women in the ward (Alta Sierra Ward) and I am the ward mission leader. We enjoy our callings and it is fun to help people and strengthen testimonies (our own and others ;-))

I went hunting last week with my father, Blair Lyman and my brother Kevin Lyman. We drove around the area of south-eastern Idaho from Rexburg, to Dubois, to Hamar. We were hunting Elk and although we saw a herd of 100 head of Elk we determined that they were on a wildlife management area and could not be hunted. We took the opportunity to get up close and view the Elk. We didn’t end up getting an elk but had a wonderful time with Dad and Kevin.

We enjoyed having Karina and Tim and their family this week too. Besides the help with Cheri’s surgery it was a great week to hang out and have the kids play and also have their help putting together the Ridgeline Facility in Yuba City. We did an early thanksgiving meal on Saturday night and it was amazing (thanks Carrie and Tim for putting it together)!

On Saturday the younger west kids (Max, Bryn, Dallin, Jared) came to our home to stay for a few days while Jer and Val are away on a business trip. We took them to church today and it was tons of fun. All the kids are really well behaved (for kids right 😉 and we really felt the spirit and enjoyed the lessons and talks and music.

A wonderful week! We love you everyone!

Mike & Carrie Lyman ~ Mya, Olivia, Madalynn, Kennedy, Quincee

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