Today we didn’t feel like making breakfest so we decided to go out for breakfest. But where? There are so many good places. “I know, how about Denny’s”. It is close by and has great food. We all piled in thre car. It seems to take forever to actually get in the car. At least the drive there is only like 3 minutes. When we finally get there it seems busy. But lucky us there was 2 big booths open. hotchocolate-dennysDid you know that Dennys as THE best hot choclate. Everyone besides mom, dad and Quin got one. Even though my mom ended up drinking a few sips of mine. 🙂

After that we all ordered something. Madie and Kenndy got choclate chip pancakes with bacon and sausage.. Me and livy got build your own grand slam. Mom got a french toast slam and my dad got an omlet thingy. You’ll never guess what Quin got , she got these super cute little pancake puppies. I had one. They are really yummy. espicially when tou dip them in syrp.Denny's pancake puppies

When we were finishing up I looked outside. There was a giant snowstorm!!!!!! That really came out of nowhere. I told everyone, they were pretty surprised too. That snow storm made the drive home espicially hard. Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 10.20.41 AMWe were only going like, five miles an hour. My dad went and got the truck so we wouldn’t all have to go through the snow, but most of the kids wanted to anyway. My mom made them stay inside and wait for the car. Well… we finally got home and it was still snowing. I am getting tired of it. But that is another post.


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  1. I love your posts mya! It helps me know what you guys r up to. I miss u! Denny’s is a yummy place! Sounds fun!

  2. Agreed, Denny’s does have the best hot chocolate (probably because of the massive amount of whipped cream they give you…). Thanks for posting. I hope it stops snowing soon. That would drive me crazy too!

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