Lyman Family – November 30, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. It was a nice holiday at the Lyman home. We celebrated Carrie’s birthday on Monday and we celebrated a little last week as well. Carrie has been a little under the weather (never fun to be sick, let alone on your birthday). She’s on the mend and will be back to 100% soon.

The girls had school off for the whole week (Quincee for two weeks) and they were super excited. On Monday we went down to the Yuba City Ridgeline and spent the day working at the facility and celebrating Carrie’s birthday. We went to the Yuba City Mall, played at the park (check out this cool video from the park), shopped for a bike for Carrie and then went out to dinner with the West family. All the kids stayed at the new Ridgeline facility and had pizza and a movie while we went to dinner.

Tuesday we had a birthday party for Carrie and a few of the kids at Ridgeline in Grass Valley. Super fun. We played games, decorated and had cake and ice cream. It’s always a blast celebrating birthdays with our families and kids at Ridgeline.

The rest of the week we took it easy and enjoyed Thanksgiving at our house with Sister Alvarez, Sister Patterson and my mom. It was a fun day baking and cooking and enjoying a good meal with the girls. The sister missionaries were fun and we were grateful to have them. It’s been awhile since we did Thanksgiving at our house. Mya helped bake and cook a lot with Carrie and they made some super yummy food. We had fresh made cranberry sauce that Mya made and it was a hit (Madie loved it and called it cranberry jello). Carrie also made sweet potatoes and baked beans that were to die for!

We feel very blessed and thank the Lord for all our wonderful blessings in our lives!

Friday Carrie & Mya spent the day in Chico with Ali and Val doing some Christmas shopping and had a blast! I’m so glad we live close to family that make these types of trips possible.

Saturday we had the Ridgeline staff christmas party at our house. We loved having all our staff and their family and friends come and spend a few hours together. We had soups, cheese, crackers with all the fix’n. We played games and spent the afternoon socializing. How grateful we are for our wonderful staff and all the amazing things they do for Ridgeline and the kids! Val and Jer were able to come this year and brought all their kids.

Below are the school pictures for the 2014-2015 school year. Enjoy!




madie-school-2014-2015sm kennedy-2014-2015smquincee-2014-2015sm




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