Hello All (as posted by Stephanie)

I just wanted to post a quick hello to all. I think of you often, especially Trent. I’m so proud of you all! I love being able to read about your families. I am doing well here in L.A. I work for Kaiser Permanente. As I told Michael, my title is so long that it doesn’t fit on my badge-too bad they don’t pay by the letter…(OTC Marketing Coordinator, VSA)

Anyway, I work in Pharmacy still, but I travel to all of the Pharmacies in my Service Area (about 60 mile radius with me in the middle). I help 20 locations meet their OTC goals. I never thought I would love a JOB so much!

Marian will go into 5th grade next year. She has been identified as Highly Gifted, and placed into a classroom where she can be taught at her level (she has been terribly bored in the regular class). In this setting, they can also help her to interact better with her age group. She is extremely outgoing, and would make a great Stand Up Comedian. She must have gotten this from her dad…:)

Scott is working on his thesis-for those who don’t know, we originally moved to LA so that Scott could attend Cal Stat Northridge and study for his Masters in Geography. He hopes to have it finished for Fall Graduation. At this time, he is also studying to become a certified personal trainer; he will be taking his NASM certification exam within a few weeks.
We all look forward to a summer filled with the beach and lots of Frisbee!
Lots of Love,

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