Back to Cedar (as posted by Trent Lyman)

Well I just want to keep everyone updated on what is happening with me in Iraq without giving up top secrect information to the insurgents. I left Ramadi and the team I was working with about 2 weeks ago and came back to Cedar where I was at before. It is nice to be back amoung friends and familiar faces as well as away from all the danger that is in Ramadi. We don’t have much time left here before we all come home. I’ve been missing everyone a lot. Taylor has been emailing me that last couple of days which has been great. Kids are super. Besides that everything is normal. The hear is still stifling. Walking outside is like someone has the hair dryer on high and is pointing it right in your face. It should start to cool down right about the time we are leaving. I’ll be glad to be out of the heat and into the snow of Utah. Thanks everyone for your support. If you feel so inclined to send a package my address is now SPC Trent Lyman
144th ASMC
APO, AE 09331
Love you all and see you soon,

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