January is Oatmeal Month

Oatmeal MonthOur kids love oatmeal and we eat it almost every day for breakfast. I saw this and thought that it was awesome to have an Oatmeal month. Madalynn is our true blue oatmeal eater as she literally eats oatmeal everyday for breakfast! The first thing she’ll say many mornings is “Oatmeal”

Click the read more link below to read the full story about January being Oatmeal Month.  A couple of things we should do is get the 10 cook oatmeal rather then the quick cook… Maddie might have a breakdown waiting that long for oatmeal.

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  1. yes, Cream of wheat is a family favorite as well but nothing like Oatmeal… I’m sure we are keeping the oat farmers in business! Thanks for the comment Anna!

  2. Guess I’ll have to go back to the long cooking type—I really love those instant packages, but….
    I can just see Madalynn eating her oatmeal!! I miss you all!!

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