Happy birthday mya

August 7 2001 – Mya was born in Manteca CA. It’s amazing how time flies and she is turning 7 already. Mya has been a wonderful daughter and great sister. She is so witty and smart and I believe the world’s best negotiator! I remember spending the night in the hospital with Carrie while she was in labor with Mya. We were so excited for Mya to come. We originally decided to name her Mariah (we even told a few people that was her name) but after holding her and being with her Mya seemed to fit much better. I remember how we would warm her bath towels in the oven so after her little bath in the kitchen sink she would have a warm towel to be swaddled in.

Mya is leading the way in our family as the oldest and is wonderful to play and give examples to her younger sisters. Thank you Mya for how wonderful you are and happy 7th b-day. Here are a few pictures of her playing with Olivia and on her new roller skates (she is already a pro). The Barbie is the latest addition to the collection (from Grandpa and Grandma Jones). When I asked her if she used all her money from Grandma and Grandpa to purchase the barbie she matter-of-fact told me, “Well it sings, lights up and has a reversable dress so it is well worth the money”

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  1. What a fun birthday!! Grandpa says “Wow, what a Barbie”!! You look so professional on your roller skates—how cool that you can skate already!! We loved your message on our answering machine. We’re glad you had such a fun birthday. We love you and miss you. Hugs and kisses—we like your hugs as we’re sure \livy does too.
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa Jones

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