December 2008 Newsletter

Family and Friends,

Lyman 2008 Christmas PcitureThis year has been a wonderful year. We have truly enjoyed life with our family and friends. I’ll give you a quick recap of the year, our kids and what the Lyman family has accomplished this year. Pictures are included at the end of the newsletter.

Last year we moved to Woods Cross, Utah and have settled nicely into the new schools, ward and neighborhood. I (mike) started a job with Two Little Hands Productions (Home of Signing Time) and am really enjoying working with them as their technology and marketing director. Carrie is a stay at home mom but has picked up numerous side projects along the way this year. Besides being taxi-mom every day and raising our children (hardest and most rewarding job I know) she dabbles in daycare for neighborhood families. We’ve also started a new little side business managing and marketing Brite Music. Together with The Laing family (our friends in the ward) we have tackled managing the day to day operations of Brite Music as well as the website and shipping operations for the company. Many of you might be familiar with Brite Music from their popular titles like “Safety Kids”, “Standin’ Tall” or “I’m a Mormon Child” by Janeen Brady.

We are in the Woods Cross 9th ward and Carrie and I both have great callings. Carrie is a primary chorister as well as teaches once a month in relief society. I also am a primary chorister (it’s fun working together with Carrie) as well as being the ward music chairman, and choir director. It’s been challenging and rewarding to be so actively involved in the ward music and put outside of my comfort zone.

Now for the kids. We have 4 daughters, Mya (7), Olivia (5), Madalynn (4) and Kennedy (2). They are such a bundle of joy, love and energy. We are very blessed with such wonderful girls.

Mya is really excelling in 2nd grade. She enjoys science, math and spelling. She’s made wonderful friends both in school and in the neighborhood. Mya’s favorite things to do involve building and creating and imagining things. Just this Christmas she produced a Christmas play called “Our Favorite Christmas Carols”

Olivia is in Kindergarten and loves school as well. She is very social and loves talking and playing with all her friends. The Romney’s next door have two girls the same age as Mya and Olivia and they have all become very close friends. Olivia’s favorite things to do include hiking, going to parks and riding bikes. Olivia learned to ride her bike this year and is quite the speed demon.

Madalynn is in preschool and goes three days a week in the afternoon to preschool. Madie’s vision is doing well although we still have her wear a patch on her strong eye and she has her glasses. She’s a real trooper. Madie has seen great strides this year as she has really opened up and loves to talk and play and interact more and more with those around her. She has quite the hilarious sense of humor and her simple laugh and giggles always keep our home bright and cheerful. If you’re ever feeling sad simply go find Madie and she’ll help you feel better!

Kennedy is our youngest and full of energy. She loves roaming the house and doing anything and everything. She is very outgoing and always on the go, as most two year olds are. She and Madie have a wonderful relationship and we are starting to see the blessings of why we felt prompted to have a fourth child so soon after Madalynn. Kennedy loves to play outside and with all her friends. She enjoys “Little People” toys and takes them every where she goes.  Kennedy loves to sing and always has a hug and kiss to lift your spirits.

This year and next we are working on reading the Book of Mormon as a family and are making great progress. We have seen increased blessings in our lives because of the gospel and we know that our Savior lives and loves each of us. This year in Primary the theme was “I am a Child of God.” We share our testimony that was strengthened this year that we are all children of God and that he loves and knows each and every one of us. We testify of Jesus Christ, his birth, death and resurrection and that he has once again restored his gospel and priesthood through the prophet Joseph Smith. We love all of you and wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2009.

Love Mike, Carrie, Mya, Olivia, Madalynn and Kennedy

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  1. Wonderful letter and great pictures. May you all never outgrow the magic of Christmas.
    May 2009 be even better than 2008. Bless you all

  2. We love it. Makes us miss you even more. We had such fun when everyone was here! hugs and kisses!!

  3. Great Newsletter and pictures! Mike – did you really do it? How can I get Bryan to do ours next year?

  4. CArrie,
    Hi! I found you off of Sharon Brazells blog. We love Signing time in our house, Zach is slowly picking up things. i ordered things from Brite Music not too long ago, I grew up on I’m a Mormon, and my family and I ahve looked for that tape-no CD for a long time! So, I got it and it took me back to my younger days! Your family is so cute. We live in Tooele now, brandon works on Temple Square.

    Have a great day!
    Kristin West

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