Babble’s Interview with mother of 8 – twins & sextuplets!

Ever had one of those days that seem very tough! We all do and of course when I saw this article about a family with 8 children (twins and sextuplets) I thought wow! Now that is amazing. It’s a great read and also has some great insights into raising lots of kids on a tight budget for those of us feeling the pocket book squeeze.

Here’s the intro paragraph:

“In an alternate universe, Jon and Kate Plus Eight‘s Kate Gosselin could have been the mom we all love to hate: children with coordinated outfits, a spotless home, every detail of her life meticulously planned and executed. However, in this universe, Kate Gosselin gave birth to twins, followed four years later by sextuplets — and with her type-A personality subverted by the constant chaos of eight children, she’s become one of reality televison’s most sympathetic characters.”

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