Kennedy’s 2nd Birthday

Kennedy eating cake with dadApril 7, 2008… Happy Birthday Kennedy! That’s right, two years old and on top of the world! Kennedy is a wonderful girl and so happy and bright! She adds such a wonderful spirit to our family. Kennedy and Madie are especially good friends. They play so much together and help each other all the time… although there is the occasional WWF wrestling match (worth watching if you’re bored). I still remember when Carrie and I decided to have a 4th child so soon after Madie. I understand more clearly now the great blessing that Kennedy is to our family and to her sisters! How wise the Lord is and how grateful I am that we listened!

Kennedy loves to be involved in everything her sisters are doing! She is mom’s little helper and is a very busy little two year old (I don’t think I ever met a two year old that isn’t a little busy body ;-)) Kennedy enjoys coloring (walls, floors, clothes, herself, or paper are all her favorite canvases). She also enjoys watching Signing Time, teletubbies, and The Incredibles… I think she got hooked on Incredibles from her older sisters. Jack, Jack is her favorite (if you haven’t seen the little short film called Jack, Jack, attack you are truly missing out on one of the funniest things in the world).

Kennedy loves to sing as well. She is very good at all the standards like head, shoulders, knees & toes, twinkle, twinkle little star, popcorn popping, and ABCs. Here’s a quick video of Kennedy singing.
Here are pictures from Saturday and her little birthday party. We went to the Wheeler historic farm in Salt Lake City for a few hours and then had a small party that afternoon. Kennedy had a very good time, she loved to be the center of attention. When you ask her how old she is she will simply repeat… “How old are you?” rather than “2”. For her birthday she got a small stuffed “Po” (sounds like POE), the red teletubby character. Needless to say she hasn’t put Po down at all! She’s even booted her good stuffed animal friends “Puppy” and “Minnie Mouse” from her crib to make room for “Po”. Carrie and I also got her a new trike to ride that we can push and steer from behind (we’re probably more excited then she is because we don’t have to kill our backs pushing her around).

Kennedy Blowing out Candles

Listen for Madie signing… so cute

Kennedy’s Party – Ring around the Rosie

Everyone drop her a comment on the blog and we’ll pass the good word along. We love you and hi from everyone!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Mom and Dad might want to edit the first vidio clip at the very end as you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your friends’ nose. Although they could use it as blackmail later on in life when you get ready to date!

  2. Thanks for sharing—it keeps us in touch!! We love it!! We agree that Kennedy is a great blessing—to all of us!! It was such fun to see your pictures of Hawaii too—we all think we need to go there! What a great time and what wonderful pictures. It’s beautiful there. You even caught the sunsets—
    Mom Jones

  3. What fun!! My fav pic is liv and kenz on the tramp hugging! What sweet little girls you have!!

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