Blue Mountain Lodge-Roberts Reunion

Vance Roberts at the Cabin We are getting ever closer to the Roberts Family reunion and hopefully everyone is still on board. It should be a wonderful opportunity to get to know one another better and to spend some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa Roberts. Get ready for some fun! A few of us have taken some liberties to help organize the event. Any and all input is definitely suggested. This is just a way to get the ball rolling on ideas and some discussion about how to make this work! (Post a comment or email us at

General Information

The cabin has been reserved from the evening of Thursday July 3rd to Monday morning July 7th. All are welcome at or between those times. However, the only planned meals are from Friday dinner to Sunday Breakfast. Let us know of any allergies to foods that may be included on the menu. Bring your own family’s food to make up any difference if you are staying any additional time. Also, bring your own snacks and drinks (including bottled water) for your family throughout the entire event. Please note that milk will be provided thus included in the overall bill of food which will be divided up based on family size and age. Travel, along with our soaring gas prices, will be considered when determining each person’s costs. Go to each link on this site for information regarding room assignments, Lodge floor plans, maps, menu and items to bring with you. Again, please feel free to leave any comments about ideas or concerns regarding each of these venues. Love you all!

Cabin Pictures

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Cabin Layout and Sleeping Arrangements

Here is a layout of the floorplan that you may find helpful. We made room assignments, but let us know of any questions or concerns. There are not enough bed for everyone, so if you have a blow up mattress please bring it. Even if your kids are sleeping out on the deck they might want some kind of mattress underneath a sleeping bag. Everyone will be in tight quarters…

*Click on the image for a larger view 😉

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Meal Menu

Friday Dinner

  • Ham
  • Potatoes
  • Corn/Beans
  • Rolls

*Carol’s Family fix and clean-up

Saturday Breakfast
  • French Toast
  • Bacon

*Darell’s Family fix and clean-up

Saturday Lunch

  • Sandwiches
  • Chips
  • Fruit

*Fix and Clean-up your own

Saturday Dinner

  • Hamburgers & Hotdogs
  • Chips
  • Salad or corn on the cob

*Linda’s Family fix and clean-up

Sunday Breakfast

  • Pancakes
  • Sausage

*Darell’s Family fix and clean-up

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List of Families Coming

Darell & Joyce Carol & Wayne Linda & Bill
David & Cherie

  • Stewart
  • Stacey
  • Sarah & Spencer

Neil & Lynette

  • Courtney
  • Chance

Steven & Laura

  • Brooke
  • Trevor
  • Dylan


  • Natalia
Sheri & Warren

  • Brittany
  • Tyson
  • Nicole
  • Kyler


  • Sara
  • Marissa
  • Zach

Craig & Bekah

  • Analeis

Michelle & Curtis

  • Justin
Annette & Bill

Val & Jeremy

  • Alana
  • Courtney
  • Caitlyn
  • Jared
  • Dallin
  • Bryn

Carrie & Mike

  • Mya
  • Olivia
  • Madalynn
  • Kennedy

Tiff & Mike

  • Caleb
  • Aubrey
  • Luke


Total: 32 Adults 34 Children

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  1. Thanks for the information. It makes the reunion seem a little more real. Sounds and looks like what you have planned will work. Time will tell. Are we still having the crafts, shooting contest etc.? My family is still planning on doing jewerly, or what ever they want to make with beads. Neil, I’m sure will plan a shoot if that is wanted. Just let us know. Darell and I will be bringing our trailer, so that will free up a little more room. We can bring any food items or what ever is needed. Just give us the word. Look forward to seeing one and all. Joyce

  2. We are so excited!! this looks great!! I like the way you put it all together Carrie. Ali and I are working on a craft and Carol said Michelle and Sheri are doing a craft as well. Carol’s letter said they were still planning on the ‘shoot’.

  3. Thank you so much for the pictures! You did a great job on the floor plan. The cabin looks very nice and possibly clean, do you know if there is internet access? Or a TV?

    Love you!


  4. Hi everyone! There is not internet access there. There is at my house though.
    Also, food – I don’t know how many are coming Thursday night. I think we will switch things around if it is okay. We will have Papa Murphy pizzas on Friday night, because several are staying in town for the fireworks. I was thinking barbecue on Thursday with dutch oven potatoes, hamburgers and hot dogs. Saturday night the ham and cheesy potatoes and rolls. What do you think? Let us know which days you are planning on. I just think pizza would be easier on the day less people will be there. Also Joyce, could you bring the Texas toast for the breakfast. I don’t know where to get it here. Crafts – I’ve looked at Roberts’ and I don’t know what to do. I think relays with kids and games would help, plus I know they will love to play and explore. Keep watching, I will put in more input. Can’t wait. It will be great.
    I hope all of you will spend some fun time with Grandma and Grandpa and tell them all about your families and what you are doing, your goals, hopes, dreams, successes. They love to hear from you. Thank you all for making the great effort to come and spend time with them. We love you, Love, Aunt Carol

  5. It looks like fun! I love the website thanks for putting it together. I can’t wait to see everyone! I will probably only have 4 of my 8 kids if that makes a difference on supplies needed for activities, food, etc. See ya soon! love ya, Sheri

  6. Hi All,
    We are looking forward to the reunion!! It will be great to see everyoine. I love being able to read all the responses. Thanks Carrie.
    We will plan on bring the bread for French Toast. Also Carol, I would like to have some juice for breakfast on both days, so would you like me to bring that? I have a big syrup that I can bring, so don’t purchase any syrup. I can bring what ever else you would like. We won’t be to Milford until Friday afternoon, at the planned time. I not sure about my boys, what time they will make it. I will find out and let you know soon. See all soon. Joyce

  7. Hi all,
    Joyce that sounds good about the bread and the syrup and the juice. That would be great if you could bring those. Thanks so much. It is getting closer, should be fun. I know Grandpa Roberts is really looking foward to it. Can’t wait to see you all. Love, Carol

  8. Hi All,
    Darell and I along with Steven’s Family will be arriving on Thursday night. I’m not sure what time, but hopefully not to late!! Carol would you like me to bring all the breakfast makings? I can easily do that? I already have the pancake mix, and syrup, so getting the rest would not be a problem. Just let me know. Will be seeing you all soon. Joyce

  9. Hi everyone,
    It makes me even more excited to read your responses. We did get a little craft and will help with the games and such. I think that will go over well. I believe all of our family will be there on Thursday night. Will we need to bring extra food for Friday’s breakfast? We’ll be glad to do that if you’d like—maybe Costco muffins and rolls. What do you think?
    I think Grandpa will love this and Grandma too. I know we all will. Thanks for putting it all together Carol!! Linda

  10. Thursday night we will have the hamburgers and hot dogs and dutch oven potatoes. We’ll have extra pancake mix for Friday morning if the kids or someone wants that. Thank you, Love, Carol
    You go to Mcknight’s well and go to the left up the wash and to the gate of the cabin. It is quite a ways. Love, Carol

  11. Hi everyone this site is great. Dave and our family will be there friday sometime. Everything sounds fun we are excited. How do you get to the cabin from milford?

  12. This website is so fun! I just barely found out about it and looking at the pictures and responses makes me even more excited! Spencer and I will be in Milford Friday afternoon and we are so excited to see everyone!!! This will be so fun!

    Thankyou to everyone who put this together! I know it is kind of last minute but if there is anything else we can help with let us know!

    Can’t wait to see you all in two days!

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