Mya’s 2005 Preschool scrapbook goes digital

We’ve really enjoyed our girl’s preschool scrapbooks and now you can too. Check out the wonderful world of Mya back in 2005 as she did her first year of preschool. She had such a fun time and she was so very cute! She truly has grown up!

Watch the slideshow of her scrapbook ( suggest opening it out of the blog to view it bigger ;-))

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  1. That looks like the little girl I taught swimming lessons. I am sure she must not be that little anymore. Did you guys put this together or did the pre-school? It’s way cute. Mike, I LOVE signing time. Braden already smiles when the Diaper Dance song comes on.

  2. My goodness how Mya has grown!! This is just adorable. what a darling little girl she is!! It made me feel sad that I missed so much!!
    We’re so anxious to see all of you soon.

  3. Maren,

    The Preschool put together these little scrapbooks for the kids at the end of the year. Lots of work but our girls absolutely love them and the memories they provide.

    I’m glad you love Signing Time. We love it too! The diaper dance is one of the best!

  4. Love it! I forgot that I went to her Valentines Party! She is a sweetie! There are some very cute pics of her!

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