Juan Pablo says hi

Bogota TempleBelow is a video from the Alejandra Trujillo and her four year old son Juan Pablo. Alejandra and the Trujillo family is a family that I taught the gospel to while serving a mission in the Colombia Bogota South Mission in 1998. Alejandra and her mother Ayda were both baptized while I served in the Marsella Ward in Bogota. I also threw in a  picture of the Colombia Bogota Temple that was dedicated while I was serving in Colombia!

Juan Pablo is an amazing little boy. He is very fluent in English and he seems to be a great kid (I’ve never personally met hmi other then over the phone, online chat, and through video). It is wonderful to still be in contact with families from my mission.

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  1. Wow!! Very exciting to hear from families in Columbia. That is amazing. What a cute little boy.

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