Stop Oil Speculation – Lower Gas Prices

Yesterday I was reading through my email and came across and email from Delta airlines (today I got another email from the President of the air transportation association) about how Oil speculators are driving the price of oil up.

The email pointed me to that allows you to enter your zip code and send a message (email or letter) to your congress person! The website also has some pretty interesting statistics such as: “As speculators continue to dominate the market, the volume of oil traded “on paper” has been as high as 22 times greater than the volume of oil consumed.”

I sent an email to my congressmen letting them know that they need to fix the laws and regulations surrounding oil speculation. If the price of gas is causing your financial budget a little grief you might consider doing the same and passing the word along.

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  1. Yah, I really have no idea how we could lower oil prices. It would be nice, but I think I like driving my car too much to actually boycott getting diesel in my car. LOL, at $5.09 her in Poway, its crazy! And yet I can’t stop going to the gas pump.

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