Madie turns 4 – A year in review

Madie Eating BreakfastHappy Birthday Madie!

Today marks year number 4. Madalynn was born in Logan Regional Hospital 4 years ago! Man how time sure flies. This year for Madie has been full of changes for Madie.
A move to Woods Cross meant a new school and new doctors. She has progressed wonderfully this last year and is such a wonderful joy and spirit in our family! Kennedy and Madie are such good friends, as are all our girls. It is such a wonderful thing to have girls so close together in age. They play and help each other and each adds a wonderful spirit and personality to the mix.

Madie has really blossomed this year with her speech. She loves to talk and sing and dance and if you’ve never heard her say one of her sweet little prayers you’re missing out on one of the best little treasures of life. Madie has always enjoyed the simple things in life. The wind in her face, a quick jump on the trampoline, or perhaps a ride in the stroller or dad swinging her in the living room. It doesn’t take much to get a giggle or laugh from Madie!

This past year Madie attended preschool and enjoyed playing and socializing with other kids her age. She is of course our biggest fan of Signing Time (even though dad works for Signing Time). She can recognize each of the 28 volumes of Signing Time by sight and has memorized all the songs and signs in each volume. One of her new comforts is simply carrying a Signing Time case (the dvd case) with her where ever she goes. Whether in the car, at home, playing at the park or in church you can bet there’s a Signing Time close by.

Our favorite saying from Madie is “Holy Snikees” She loves to say it and it is very, very cute.

Madie we love you and are so glad you are part of our family. Everyone, please take a moment and drop Madie a comment for her birthday and we will share it with her this year and in the years to come!

Below is a few pictures reviewing what Madie has been up to this year.

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  1. Maddie you are such a sweet girl we love to be around you. Knowing you makes me feel closer to our heavenly father because of your sweet spirit. i hope you had a great birthday and we are excited to go camping with you this week.

    Love Uncle Tim

  2. Happy Birthday Maddie from sunny and smokey California. Although we have never met in person having your family so tecnosavey gives us the opportunity to get to know you through the magic medium of cyberspace. You have such a special family and have been so blessed by them and them by you. Congratulations on the big number four. Love Uncle Paul and family.

  3. Happy Birthday Maddie! We have loved watching you grow and learn, you are such a sweet kid and we sure love you!

  4. We love you Maddie! You are pure joy and just simply entertaining! We love your sense of humor! Happy Birthday sweetheart!

  5. Happy Birthday Madie! We love you! We miss you- it was hard to come home to Ca after spending so much time with you and your family. All of the children are a joy and it was wonderful to be with you. I am in tears after reading what mike wrote – it is a special privilege for us to know and associate with such a spirit as Madie – she was saved for these days- she has a special mission and it is a true joy to watch her learn and grow. we appreciate you lymans – i love you with all of my heart. love val

  6. Hi Maddie,
    We loved seeing all the picturs of your past year—what wonderful memories. We hope you had a terrific birthday!!! As your Dad said you have taught us all to enjoy the simple pleasures. We love your quick smile and your fun sense of humor. Your special spirit speaks to us and makes us feel closer to our Father in Heaven as we know He loves you beyond measure. We love you too.
    We had such fun being together—thanks so much!!
    Grandma and Grandpa Jones

  7. Hey Madie,
    I wish I could have been there for your birthday! I loved seeing all the pictures of you this last year, it reminds me of how dang funny you are and how fun it is to be with you and your whole family. I especially love the pictures with you and all of your sisters, it will be great to see you grow up together. Happy Birthday cutie!!!!!

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