Benton’s related to Mary had a little Lamb

Remember the famous nursery rhyme “Mary had a Little Lamb”… I’m sure we all have the first couple lines memorized

Thanks to Uncle Paul we have discovered the we are related to the actual Mary who had a little lamb that followed her to school one day.

Read more about Mary Elizabeth Sawyer as Mary with the little lamb. We are related to her along the Benton line down to the Sawyers. We can all be a little more proud to know we are related to the famous Mary who had a little lamb.

However, as a quick note I suggest you read the whole article about Mary because apparently the poem was originally published in another book by someone different.

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  1. I think that it is really interesting that every nursery rhyme, legend, story that is famous and well know at one time started in obscurity, from someone who people probably didn’t know. Good stories get a life of their own after a while. Maybe we could have a story segment on Lyman Universe for any budding writers in the fam.

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