Christmas for Grandpa Roberts and other Family Events

This is Linda (Carrie’s Mom). There are a couple of things I wanted to let you all know about. First, as many of you may already know, on July 29, 2009 Aunt Katie is hosting a get-together for all of the family at Silver Falls, Oregon. it’s a tradition of her family to invite anyone in the family who can to come to breakfast at Silver Falls on the last Saturday in July. This year we’d especially like to have as many as possible come. If at all possible Grandpa Roberts will be there too, which brings up the second item.

We’d like to buy a recliner for Grandpa for Christmas. Mike Lyman has set up this post so that you can contribute if you would like. Click on the “Chip In” button and follow the instructions.

What is Chipin?

Chipin is simpy an easy way for us to collect all the money from everyone. You click the link it takes you to Mike’s paypal account and you use a credit or debit card to deposit the money. Then, we take the money everyone submitted and go buy Grandpa Roberts a nice recliner. If you don’t feel comfortable donating using PayPal and Chipin but would still like to contribute to help pay for the recliner then please contact Carrie Lyman or send a check to our address:

1022 West 1300 South

Woods Cross, UT 84087

This is an idea of the recliner we would like to buy Grandpa!

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