FedEx doorbell ditcher

fedex guyOkay, now it is my turn to actually post something. I keep wanting to, but I’m not finding the time. I also have a tendency to need to write everything in a good, flowing format; and no grammatical errors. This stops me from simply writing my thoughts and not worrying about how it looks. I am working on this. Also, Mike and I typically discuss what we should put on the site and he does it. Anyway, I want to share a few funny stories concerning our children. I always love to hear about the funny things kids say and do.

Our doorbell rang the other day and, of course, as usual it is mad dash to the door with these little girls. Mya arrives first and after a second I hear her yell, “I SEE YOU!” I quicken my stride to the door and see a package on the door step. I look up to see the FedEX guy waving sheepishly from his truck as he drives away. It was funnier if you were there, but Mya seemed to think that some guy in little shorts would ring doorbells and just run away for fun.

The experience also zoomed me back in time to the memory of Christmas time years ago in the Jones house. We were going about our tradition of dropping off goodies to different homes (sometimes we would stay and sing carols and other times we would leave the treat, ring the bell and book it). The Nelsons had a fairly long driveway and just for the sheer adrenaline thrill we all gathered at the door while one of us rang the bell. We all took off as fast as we could go ( we were all teenagers). We were just entering the safe recluse of the shadows near the end of the driveway when we heard Marisa shout, “I SEE YOU JONES’!” So, Tiffany, who is always quick with a response, masks her voice to sound like a Man’s and yells back, “WE’RE NOT THE JONES’!!” Of course we all bust up laughing and that is a dead giveaway for us gals. Keith was there too, but he sounds like a girl when he laughs (just kidding) He was always so much fun, especially when we did these kinds of things. Anyway, Tiff will deny the event that occurred later on that evening, but she biffed it in a ditch when we were yet again jamming away from a house. She says the scar came from a grueling soccer game, but we all know where it’s from (especially Val who pushed her in the ditch trying to escape) :>) Man, I am laughing so hard at myself that tears are rolling down my face.

Well the other story I want to share is indirectly about the kids and mostly about Mike. We were attending a parent-teacher conference with Mya and her teacher, Miss Nelson. We brought Liv, Madie and Kenz with us and they played happily throughout the classroom. The conference was winding down. Mya was getting silly and her sisters were looking for more new and exciting things to explore. We were sitting at a short table (built for little first grade bodies) and small chairs. Mike excused himself to jump up and help the girls to not rip up the books when instead of jumping up, he lunged backward, hitting his knee under the table and fell flat on his bum. Mya is rolling in the aisles.  Amidst my chuckles I’m trying to gear the conversation away from Mike’s prostrated position on the floor. It was dang funny. Mike laughed along with the rest of us. Mike doesn’t embarass easily, but I still felt bad for him. Yet, I was also thinking, “I”m so glad that wasn’t me.”

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  1. Love the Jones- and Love the stories- Why can I picture Tiffany doing that? Or at least the teenage Tiffany!

  2. it’s me val writing this on mom &dad’s computer. thank you for the good laugh! I needed it. you are hilarious. i am crying too from laughing so hard! thanks for reminding me!

  3. Great stories! I laughed out loud while reading your post, I only do that with the Jones’. Mya is such a fun kid. Didn’t Val lose a shoe during one of the times we ran away after dropping off cookies? And-why are there so many hilarious stories about Mike falling and hurting himself? Thank you!

  4. I don’t think you need to worry about a flowing format. Your style is definitely entertaining!! I loved it!! I too laughed and laughed even though I had heard about it before I actually read it. Thanks for bringing back some fun memories and sharing more of those crazy things that happen to us!!
    Mom J

  5. Oh to be 13 again – like Dad so wisely said over the holidays, “A fool is born everyday”! Thanks for the laugh Bear!

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